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Bone Marrow Regenerative Cell Injections
Bone Marrow Regenerative Cell Injections- Adam Weglien - Stem Cell Injection

These marrow cells come from the patient's own hip bone (not from fetal tissue). By taking the bone marrow from your own hip bone, we avoid all the ethical controversy and end up with a natural system to help improve and heal tissue. The cancellous bone of the iliac crest hip bone has 80% bone marrow.

Our bone marrow may contain stem cells. One type of stem cell in our hip bone is mesenchymal stem cells. These immature cells may have the ability to become tissue like cartilage, bone and ligaments...

Bone marrow aspiration started in 1970. The procedure is done in our clinic. The hip area is injected with a local numbing medicine. Marrow is then collected from the iliac crest of the hip.
Adam Weglien - Stem Cell Injection
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